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Some of what we'll cover include:

*Prioritizing what's really important

*Healthy boundaries and saying no

*Letting go of trying to be perfect

As a friend and co-worker, I have had the privilege of seeing Terica navigate many of the obstacles and victories of her personal story.

She has sought and harnessed the power within to transform her life to such a degree that it’s now her greatest passion to guide people to write the most vibrant pages of their own stories. Her gifts are well suited for this mission. She is an astute professional who easily builds rapport, speaks truth with compassion, and models what she advises. My favorite quality about her is that she’s real. Her authenticity is her loveliness.

There are certainly aspects of life that we cannot control, however, living each day with intention is not only possible, it’s paramount to fulfillment. This woman knows how to do it and help others to learn it. My own desire to seek and understand my gifts and path has been significantly influenced by Terica’s example. She has inspired me to immeasurable heights!  ~ Andi R.